George F. Blackburn

George F. Blackburn

George F. Blackburn died last night (January 8, 1924) at his home at 112 South Eleventh avenue following a brief illness.  He was born in Ontario but came to Yakima 16 years ago from Grand Forks, N. D., were he worked at photography for a number of years.  The deceased was a member of the Congregational church here and was affiliated with the Masonic order and the Knights of Pythias.  Besides his wife, Amy, he is survived by a son, George F. Blackburn, Jr., of Yakima.  Funeral services will be held on Friday afternoon at 2 o’clock from the Shaw Huston chapel with the Rev. W. D. Robinson officiating.

The Yakima Daily Republic
Wednesday, January 9, 1924
Volume XXI, Number 77, Page 8


Born:  October 4, 1851 in Perth, Ontario, Canada

Died:  January 8, 1924 in Yakima, Washington

Spouse(s):  Caroline Rice, Mrs. Cooper, Jessie Blackburn, Amelia Schraeder

Children:  John Blackburn, George L. Blackburn


  • Grand Forks and North Dakota Manual for 1885
  • The Grand Forks Herald Silver Anniversary Edition 
  • History of the Red River Valley 
  • City of Grand Forks Illustrated, 1897
  • The 1871 Perth, Ontario census lists George Blackburn, age 21, born in Ontario.  George’s religion was Church of England, his family origin Irish, and his occupation photographer.
  • BLACKBURN, George (b. c1850 (1871 census)).  Perth:  1870-1876 (Philips).  He was only twenty in 1870 so that is likely the opening year for his studio.  In 1871 he married Caroline (Carrie) Rice (Perth Courier, 14 Jul 1871).  They had a son [John] born 4 Dec 1872.  At one point his studio was at the corner of Wilson and North Streets and, at another, on Foster Street.  In 1876 he teamed up with Hutter in Richmond, ON.  (The Early Commercial Photographers of Lanark and Renfrew Counties, Ontario 1850-1925, Patrick and Judy Wohler, The Arnprior and District Archives, 2005)
  • At the residence of the bride’s father, Perth, on the 10th of July, by the Rev. W. Burns, Mr. George BLACKBURN, Photograph Artist, Perth, to Miss Carrie RICE, eldest daughter of Chas. Rice, Esq., all of Perth.  (Perth Courier, Friday, July 14, 1871).
  • $80,000 GONE UP IN SMOKE IN A FEW SHORT HOURS.  Twelve Fine Stores in the Heart of the City Laid to Ashes.  The fire was first discovered (after 11 p.m., December 18, 1882), after it had gained considerable headway, issuing from the roof of Caswell & Blackburn’s photograph gallery, over the Ottawa saloon.  Mr. Blackburn left a fire at five o’clock and went home.  On returning after supper he found it had gone out.  He believes it must have originated from the red-hot pipe (from the saloon below) coming in contact with woodwork in the floor.  Caswell & Blackburn, photographers, Loss $1,200, insured for $600, in the German, of Newport, Ill.  (Grand Forks Daily Herald, Tuesday, December 19, 1882, Page 1)
  • Last evening the marriage ceremony of Mr. Geo. Blackburn, late of Caswell & Blackburn, and Mrs. Cooper was celebrated.  Their numerous friends unite in wishing them a happy and prosperous voyage through life together.  (Grand Forks Daily Herald, Saturday, January 20, 1883, Page 1)
  • Geo. F. Blackburn & Co. would now inform the citizens of Grand Forks and vicinity, that they are now ready at their new rooms on DeMers avenue, to do work in all kinds and styles of photographing in the latest styles.  Pictures taken simultaneously.  Special attention to copying old pictures and enlarging.  All kinds of views and scenery out-doors promptly attended to.  New scenery and everything new and the best in Dakota.  (Grand Forks Daily Herald, Wednesday, May 30, 1883, Page 4)
  • Photographed the Devils Lake area (Grand Forks Daily Herald, Tuesday, August 7, 1883, Page 4)
  • Photographed the George H. Walsh residence, the Skidmore farm, the J. H. Bosard farm, buildings at Norton, Dakota Territory, Wybrant’s, the W. J. Anderson farm, the University of North Dakota and other views for the 1884 World’s Fair at New Orleans (Grand Forks Daily Herald, Saturday, November 15, 1884, Page 1)
  • Crayon Sketches.  There is now finished and framed at the art gallery of G. F. Blackburn, DeMers avenue, this city, a crayon sketch of Mr. Blackburn which was enlarged from a small card photograph by W. W. Hall the artist.  It is a very life-like product, true in delineation, admirable in proportion, skillfully shaded, and stamps Mr. Hall as a master in this line of fine art.  Orders for similar work taken and prices given at Blackburn’s art gallery.  (Grand Forks Daily Herald, Saturday Evening, November 15, 1884, Volume 7, Number 13, Page 1)
  • Photographed Grand Forks Plaindealer printing house fire (Grand Forks Daily Herald, Monday, December 1, 1884, Page 4)
  • The 1885 Dakota Territory census shows George Blackburn (age 33, artist, born in Canada) married to Jessie (age 32, born in Canada).
  • Photographed Grand Forks firefighters (Grand Forks Daily Herald, Friday, February 27, 1885, Page 1)
  • Owned a farm near Lakota, Dakota Territory (Grand Forks Daily Herald, Saturday, September 5, 1885, Page 4)
  • Photographed the O’Connor block and the interior of the Palace Grocery (Grand Forks Daily Herald, Thursday, December 3, 1885, Page 4)
  • Photographed around the Arvilla, Dakota Territory area (Grand Forks Daily Herald, Wednesday, March 24, 1886, Page 4)
  • Building has commenced on Blackburn’s new residence on 4th Street.  (Grand Forks Daily Herald, Saturday, April 3, 1886, Page 1)
  • Photographed the Grand Forks Presbyterian Church (Grand Forks Daily Herald, Tuesday, May 4, 1886, Page 4)
  • Blackburn occupying his new house opposite Central School.  (Grand Forks Daily Herald, Monday, May 31, 1886, Page 4)
  • Photographed the Grand Forks Methodist Church (Grand Forks Daily Herald, Saturday, June 26, 1886, Page 4)
  • Exhibited Chippewa photographs (Grand Forks Daily Herald, Saturday, July 31, 1886, Page 4)
  • Displayed samples of his work at the 1886 Dakota Territorial Exposition (Grand Forks Daily Herald, Monday, September 13, 1886, Page 1)
  • Photographed southern Grand Forks from Belmont School, which appeared in the December 19, 1886 issue of the Grand Forks Daily Herald.  Photographed northwestern Grand Forks from the White Elevator on the northwest side of Grand Forks.  Also photographed several Red River scenes, one looking down the river from DeMers and another of the high bridge at the Point (Grand Forks Daily Herald, Saturday, October 30, 1886, Page 1)
  • Photographed the Mouse River (northwest of Towner, North Dakota) and cattle (Grand Forks Daily Herald, Monday, November 22, 1886, Page 4)
  • Photographed Odd Fellows group (Grand Forks Daily Herald, Tuesday, May 17, 1887, Page 4)
  • Geo. Blackburn has just completed for the use of the territorial commissioner of emigration, some fine views of the University of North Dakota, as also of the various collections in the University museum.  That of the exterior of the building is a handsome picture, and when a engraving from it is published in the monthly bulletin that issues from the commissioner’s office and is sent broadcast over the country, cannot fail of being a good advertisement for Grand Forks, especially for the educational advantages held out by the city.  The museum views also are perfect, two pictures showing the birds of North Dakota, one showing the animals, another the collection of minerals and fossils from in and around the Black Hills, and still another of Professor Montgomery’s collection of bones of obsolete animals and human beings taken from mounds in various parts of North Dakota.  Mr. Blackburn is printing a large number of each of the views, and when finished the entire group will be found in his show case for inspection by the public.  (Grand Forks Weekly Plaindealer, Thursday, June 9, 1887, Volume III, Number 30, Page 7)
  • Displayed photographs at the 1887 Minneapolis Exposition (Grand Forks Daily Herald, Friday, August 19, 1887, Page 1)
  • Displayed Grand Forks/East Grand Forks tornado damage photographs at the 1887 North Dakota Territorial Exposition in Grand Forks (Grand Forks Daily Herald, Tuesday, September 20, 1887, Page 1)
  • Go to Blackburn in his new brick block, second floor, 313 DeMers avenue for fine photos.  (Grand Forks Daily Herald, Tuesday, September 20, 1887, Page 4)
  • North Dakota Vice-President of the Northwestern Photographers’ Association (The Saint Paul Daily Globe, Friday Morning, October 19, 1894, Volume XVII, Number 292, Page 2)
  • North Dakota Vice-President of the Northwestern Photographers’ Association (The Saint Paul Globe, Thursday Morning, August 5, 1897, Volume XX, Number 217, Page 8)
  • George F. Blackburn is always enterprising, and succeeded in getting a fine lot of high water views (of the record 1897 Red River of the North flood) on Friday during the bright weather, and had the first installment of pictures printed and finished yesterday.  They make a remarkable collection and those on exhibition are attracting much attention.  Of course they are going off like hot cakes.  (Grand Forks Daily Herald, Sunday Morning, April 11, 1897, Page 4)
  • The 1900 United States census shows George Blackburn (age 51, born in Canada) married to Amelia (age 28, born in Minnesota).  A son, John (age 26, born in Canada, also a photographer) is living with the couple.  George and Amelia had been married for 2 years.
Grand Forks and North Dakota Manual for 1885
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