Blackburn in City of Grand Forks Illustrated 1897

George F. Blackburn
George F. Blackburn


Among the many advantages enjoyed by Grand Forks is a photographic studio rivaling in its superior facilities all others in the northwest.  We refer, of course, to the extensive gallery of George F. Blackburn.  The studio occupies the entire second floor of the brick block erected by Mr. Blackburn for this purpose, and is fitted up superbly with elegant reception rooms, an atelier most complete in appointments and accessories, and every requisite for the finest photographic work, including the largest camera west of Chicago for life-size photographs, large groups, etc.  Mr. Blackburn has been making pictures in Grand Forks for the past fifteen years and his reputation as a superior artist is as wide as the northwest.  Indeed hundreds of people come to Grand Forks from long distances for the express purpose of securing pictures at this popular gallery.  A specialty is made of high-grade work, for which the gallery has every facility.  Mr. Blackburn’s pictures were awarded the first prize and a gold medal at the meeting of the National Photographer’s Association in St. Louis in 1894, and without any effort being made by him to select his best pictures.  The North Dakota views at the World’s Fair were nearly all taken by Mr. Blackburn.  Besides photographic work, life-sized portraits in pastel, crayon, or water color are made in the highest style of the art.



City of Grand Forks Illustrated
W. L. Dudley
The Herald, Printers and Binders, 1897


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