George Zengel

A car-load of machinery was received by Messrs. Mundigel & Zengel the forepart of the week, which is now being placed in the brewery. The proprietors expect to brew sometime this month. (Grand Forks Daily Herald, Friday Evening, September 11, 1885, Volume 7, Number 265, Page 4).

Ho Every One Who Thirsts! Know ye now that within a very few weeks Messrs. Mundigel & Zengel the East Grand Forks brewers will have their building completed and ready for business. Having put in all the modern conveniences and constructed their brewery with reference to producing a superior quality of beer, they will invite comparison with any other liquor brewed in the country. Both are practical men of large experience, Mr. Mundigel being quite well known in this valley and they have the material on hand to make a superior quality of wholesome beverage. They are bound to succeed. (Grand Forks Daily Herald, Tuesday Evening, September 15, 1885, Volume 7, Number 268, Page 4).

East Grand Forks Brewery. The East Grand Forks brewery owned by Mundigal & Zengal (Gorge Zengel), two worthy, energetic and practical men, is an institution which promises much good as a home industry. The establishment, situated on the Red Lake river, from which the water required is pumped, is a mammoth structure, complete in all its parts, costing $35,000 for building, machinery and stock. It is subdivided in such a manner as to give the greatest convenience in the manufacture of the beer and to preserve malt and everything in the cleanliest and best possible shape. Each department is distinct. The beer is kept in immense hogsheads and tanks under ice all the year and is therefore improving all the time – the amount now on hand, being valued at about $10,000. The brewery during the season just past, has used 15,000 bushels of barley and given employment to from twelve to fifteen men. The quality of the beer is such as to procure for it a ready demand all over the northwest, in every town, at every station, where the genial Mundigal speeds as a messenger to commend the foaming, laughing beverage to his many friends. There is perhaps no man in the Northwest more generally acquainted than Mr. Mundigal the senior member of the firm, and this fact, added to the excellence of the article manufactured here, gives it a wide demand. As far as the name of the firm is known it is a guarantee of fair-dealing. (Grand Forks Daily Herald, Sunday Morning, December 19, 1886, Volume 11, Number 42, Page 5)

Geo. Zengel Passes Away. Old Resident of This Section Claimed by Death Yesterday Afternoon. George Zengel, 58, For 30 Years a Resident of East Grand Forks, is a victim of Dropsy and Rheumatism – Leaves Family of Seven Children – Funeral Tomorrow Morning at 10 o’Clock From Sacred Heart Church. Death claimed another of the pioneer residents yesterday afternoon (February 6, 1909) at 3:30 o’clock when George Zengel aged 58 years, for 30 years a resident of the city, died of dropsy and rheumatism. Mr. Zengel had been sick for some time and death was not unexpected. The end was peaceful and the family were at the bedside. George Zengel came to East Grand Forks some 30 years ago and had seen the town grow from a few huts to its present size and prosperity. He was alderman of the ward in which he lived and served a term as city treasurer. With Mr. Mundigel he built the East Grand Forks brewery. He retired from business some time ago and leaves a good sized estate. Besides Mrs. Zengel a family of seven children, all of whom were at home, are left to mourn his loss. The children are Eva, Walter, Jula, Anna, Margaret, George and Helen, a babe of six months of age. The funeral according to the arrangements completed last evening will be held from Sacred Heart church on Monday morning at 10 o’clock. (Grand Forks Daily Herald, Sunday Morning, February 7, 1909, Volume XXVIII, Number 86, Page 3)

Funeral is Held. The funeral of George Zengel who died Saturday afternoon was held yesterday morning at 10 o’clock from the Sacred Heart church. The last rites in honor of an esteemed citizen were largely attended and the bereaved family have the sympathy of the entire community. (Grand Forks Daily Herald, Tuesday Morning, February 9, 1909, Volume XXVIII, Number 87, Page 3)

Wets Propose to Test Law. East Grand Forks Brewery Distributing Stations to Attempt to Continue Operations. East Grand Forks. – A test of Minnesota’s option law, as it relates to the operation of brewery distributing stations within “dry” counties, probably will grow out of the election by which Polk county was made dry. It is understood the 12 brewery distributing stations in East Grand Forks will continue to operate. This doubtless will bring on the test. It is also understood that the East Grand Forks brewery and the Kewald brewery at Crookston will continue in operation, maintaining their business on the basis specified in the option act. Just how valuable the East Grand Forks distributing depots are to the breweries is indicated in the statement of one brewery agent, who says shipments in a single month from one depot have aggregated as high as $50,000. These shipments were made into the “dry” state of North Dakota. There are 12 such depots in the city, all doing a big business. Polk county “drys” are making plans for the holding of a jubilee to celebrate their victory. (The Tomahawk, White Earth, Minnesota, Thursday, June 3, 1915, Volume XIII, Number 6, Page 7)


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