Harry Budge

Death of Harry Budge.  Harry Budge who has long been an invalid, expired at his residence on Chestnut street this afternoon (September 4, 1885).  He was the youngest of four brothers, the others being John, William and George, and came here with his mother about five years ago.  He was 27 years old, and leaves a wife and two interesting little boys.  Further particulars will be given tomorrow.  (Grand Forks Daily Herald, Friday Evening, September 4, 1885, Volume 7, Number 259, Page 4)

The Death of Harry Budge.  Harry Budge, who died yesterday at his residence in this city, was born in Scotland Aug. 13th, 1858, having been twenty-seven years old last month.  He was the youngest of a family of five brothers and one sister, and came to Dakota in 1880, accompanied by his mother, his three brothers, John, William and George, having preceded him.  He was married to Eliza Foster about three and a half years ago, with whom he lived happily until his demise, the fruit of their union being two bright and promising little boys, yet too young to realize their loss and orphanage.  His health had been gradually declining for two years, though at times he felt quite hopeful under the invigorating air of this climate.  However, since last spring it was evident to his friends and neighbors that consumption had marked his for its own and during the past month he was confined to his house and bed.  In his last illness, which he bore with calm resignation, he was kindly and tenderly ministered to by his three remaining brothers and an affectionate wife who mourn his death in the days of his early manhood.  His mother about two years ago preceded him beyond the bourne whence no visitor ever returned, and a brother and sister, too, have welcomed his spirit to the eternal shore.  The funeral will take place tomorrow afternoon at two o’clock, and friends and neighbors are invited to attend.  (Grand Forks Daily Herald, Saturday Evening, September 5, 1885, Volume 7, Number 260, Page 4)

Obsequies of Harry Budge.  A large concourse of relatives and friends of the departed Harry Budge attended the last rites of respect paid his remains, yesterday afternoon.  The services were held at the house of mourning.  Rev. F. Doran of the Methodist church delivered an address of consolation and admonition and Rev. Iddings offered a fervent prayer.  Deep solemnity pervaded the thronged chambers where the loving voice of the dead husband and father shall be heard no more not the answering footsteps fall in response to the childish prattle of the orphans calling for “papa!”  The widowed heart was bruised by snapping asunder of the chords of affection and the wail of bereavement sought the trembling air.  Softly, gently and in sorrow the pall-bearers bore the casket to the hearse.  They were friends of the deceased:  Don McDonald, C. A. Allen, O. E. Thomas, James Rae, D. P. McLaurin and Geo. B. Winship.  A long procession of carriages formed and followed the hearse to the cemetery where all that was perishable of Harry Budge was placed in earth by the side of the mortal remains of the mother who gave him life.  (Grand Forks Daily Herald, Monday Evening, September 7, 1885, Volume 7, Number 261, Page 1)


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