Henry C. Gotzian

Wheat Thieves.  Mr. Henry Gotzian, of this city, has a farm three miles west of Stickney.  Last fall he had his wheat threshed and sold, except about 300 bushels of choice wheat, which he wished to keep for seed; this he stored in a granary on the premises.  About a week ago, a farmer who lives in the neighborhood of Mr. Gotzian’s farm, being in the city, called upon Mr. Gotzian and imparted the information, that thieves were making sad havoc with Mr. Gotzian’s wheat and that the thieves were so elated with the “soft thing” they had, that in the exuberance of delight they felt at having a roving commission to plunder the granary, either with or without impunity, they “gave themselves dead away” to the neighbor by offering him a chance to steal.  They were reveling in new fur overcoats and beamed over the bonanza they had with all the effulgence of a demijohn of bourbon.  Mr. Gotzian last Saturday, acting on the information he had gained, proceeded to his farm to investigate and found the granary as empty as a contribution box.  He has the necessary information to convict the thieves, as they are all well known, and he will take the necessary steps to that end, if the thieves don’t immediately come to the front and square the yards; otherwise they will entail ignominious infamy on their fair fame and names by being thrust into jail.  (Grand Forks Daily Herald, Tuesday Morning, February 13, 1883, Volume 1, Number 86, Page 1)

H. Gotzian, dealer in boots and shoes.  The first boot and shoe store established in Grand Forks was that which at present is successfully conducted by H. Gotzian, and it was established in 1879.  Upwards of $10,000 are now invested in the business.  Manufacturing to order and repairing in all its branches are also done in this establishment.  (Andreas Historical Atlas of Dakota, A. T. Andreas, Chicago, The Lakeside Press, 1884, Page 254)



Henry Gotzian Passed Away Early Yesterday Morning After Long Illness
For 32 Years Deceased Was Resident of Grand Forks – Served in the Franco-Prussian War – Built First Brick Store in Grand Forks – Funeral Services Will Be Held Thursday Afternoon

Henry C. Gotzian, aged 63 years, one of the pioneer residents of Grand Forks, passed away at 4 o’clock yesterday morning (September 18, 1911), following a lingering illness of several months.  Death was not unexpected by the members of his family, but the news will be received with distinct regret by the people of Grand Forks.  Mr. Gotzian was prominent in the early history of Grand Forks and was among those pioneer residents who built the city so well in the early days.  Although funeral arrangements have not been entirely completed, it is expected that the services will be held on Thursday afternoon at 2 o’clock from the residence on South Third street, Rev. W. H. Matthews officiating.  Mr. Gotzian was a resident of Grand Forks for over 32 years and was known and respected by a wide circle of friends.

Henry Christian Gotzian was born in Berka on the Werra, Sachs Weimar by Eisenach, Germany, on Feb. 22, 1848.  He was the youngest son of John Adam Gotzian and Marie Gotzian.  He was educated in Germany.  He served in the Franco-Prussian war during 1870 and 1871, and his company was in the seven largest battles of the war, Weissenburg, Worth, Sedan, where Napoleon III was captured; Orleans, Loigny-Poupry, Geaugency-Cravant and LeMans and finally at the siege of Paris.

He was married to Elizabeth Andreas on June 23, 1872, and he brought his bride to St. Paul, Minn., on their wedding trip.  His two brothers, Conrad and Adam, were living in St. Paul at that time.

Mr. Gotzian started a retail shoe store on Seventh street, St. Paul, and was in business until he decided to come to North Dakota.  In April, 1879, he came to Grand Forks and located.  He brought his family in May, 1879, filed on his farm at Emerado at that time and started in the shoe business on Third street.

Built First Brick Store.

That year he also built the first brick store in Grand Forks.  In 1880 he built the Gotzian block and the Gotzian hall was the first opera house in this city.  In 1882 he built the brick building adjoining the block for the United States land office, retiring from active business in 1892 and building the present Gotzian block on the site of the first block, and has given personal attention to its management.

In 1896 he returned to Europe for a three months’ visit with his only sister, Mrs. Crystal Deisseroth, who passed away the next summer.

Mr. Gotzian was a member of the city council for years, representing the Third ward.

Mr. Gotzian is survived by his wife and three children, Josephine, wife of Geo. Warren Horton of Mayville, N. D.; Harry and Wilhelmina, wife of Calvin Reed of this city.  The other children were Louise, who passed away in 1907, and Willie and Rosie, whose death occurred in January, 1889.

Mr. Gotzian was a member of the Uniformed Rank, Knights of Pythias, the Pythian Sisters and the Eagles.

Mr. Gotzian has been very ill since the middle of June.  On August 1, accompanied by his wife, he went to Rochester, Minn., to consult Dr. Mayo, but received very little relief or encouragement and came home to spend his last days surrounded by his loved ones.  Dropsy and other complications caused his death.

Grand Forks Daily Herald
Tuesday Morning, September 19, 1911
Volume XXX, Number 277, Page 10


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