Michael J. Moran

In 1883, Michael J. Moran bid on the construction of the new University of North Dakota Main building, in collaboration with W. P. Alsip and John S. Bartholomew. Their bid was rejected. (Grand Forks Daily Herald, Sunday, August 5, 1883, Page 1)

Michael J. Moran added on to the Griggs House hotel.

1885 Dakota Territory census records show Mike Moran (age 28, carpenter) born in Massachusetts.

Michael J. Moran was the contractor and builder of the Congregational Church in Grand Forks. (Grand Forks Daily Herald, Saturday, September 12, 1885, Page 1)

M. J. Moran, contractor and builder, beds Oyster Bay. (Grand Forks and North Dakota Manual for 1885, William L. Dudley, Plaindealer Book and Job Rooms, Grand Forks, North Dakota, 1885, Page 96)

M. J. Moran became involved in the Red River Brick Corporation of Grand Forks, which also included John and James Dinnie, W. P. Alsip, and Addison I. Hunter.

M. J. Moran. One of our gentlemanly contractors, who needs comment is M. J. Moran, a perfect gentleman, reared on Canadian soil, and coming here with a full determination of making a complete success, he landed in contracting, especially in brick work. His work shows for itself in our city, what a spirited man can do. Mr. Moran built the opera house in Larimore, the court house extension in Grand Forks, and the $3,000 residence of the Hon. M. F. Williams, and is now engaged with Mr. Bartholomew in putting up one of Grand Forks’ finest buildings, on Third street between the hotels Dacotah and Windsor. (Grand Forks Daily Herald, Wednesday Evening, November 12, 1890, Volume XX, Number 10, Page 1)

M. J. Moran left last night for St. Paul to have his eye treated by an oculist of that city. A short time ago a small piece of steel struck him in the eye embedding itself in the ball. It was removed but the eye has been getting worse ever since, until he was compelled to consult a skilled specialist. (Grand Forks Daily Herald, Friday Evening, September 18, 1891, Volume XX, Number 256, Page 5)

1900 United States census records show that Michael J. Moran (age 46, born in Canada around January 1854) was married to Anna (age 34, born in Wisconsin). Michael has been in the United States 26 years. The couple has a son Arthur J. (age 8, born in North Dakota) and resided in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

1920 United States census records show that Michael J. Moran (age 69, born in New York, carpenter) married to Annie E. (age 59, born in Wisconsin). The couple resided in Los Angeles, California.

1930 United States census records show that Michael J. Moran (age 78, born in Canada) and Anna E. (age 67, born in Wisconsin) living in Los Angeles, California.

Anna E. Moran (wife) was born November 5, 1862, in Wisconsin, and died August 8, 1954, in California. She was 91 years old.


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