Grand Forks Fair in 1912


With two straight years of exciting air performances at the summer fair, Grand Forks could only strive to continue the run.  The 1912 Grand Forks fair further expanded its lineup of flight performers.  First and foremost, it brought George Mestach to town.  Mestach was a French pilot with a slightly new type of airplane.  Parachute jumping was also one of the hot new trends in air shows, and Kolb and Bell were brought in to demonstrate this process to the fair goers.  However, parachutes and the jumping technique had not been perfected yet.  Therefore, many of the early parachute jumpers risked their lives with every jump.  Since this was the third straight year of flying at the fair, the thrill of seeing a person fly was being replaced by a feeling of normalcy toward flight.  People now accepted aviation, but the expectations were higher.  They wanted to see more maneuvers, more daring, and more thrills.  It was an exciting time for aviation in Grand Forks.



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