Central Hotel

Central Hotel, John B. Moosette, Proprietor.  (Minnesota State Gazetteer and Business Directory including Dakota Territory, 1880-81, Volume II, R. L. Polk & Co. and A. C. Danser, Page 864)

Central House, Fourth street, J. B. Mosette, Proprietor.  (Grand Forks Daily Herald, Sunday, January 8, 1882, Page 4)

Addition to Central House, Fourth street, by A. O. Barquist, $1,200.  (Grand Forks Daily Herald, Saturday, June 24, 1882, Page 1)

CENTRAL, J. B. Moosette, prop., 201 South Fourth.  (Grand Forks and North Dakota Manual for 1885, William L. Dudley, Plaindealer Book and Job Rooms, 1885, Page 118)

Central Hotel – J. B. Mosette, proprietor, moved back, renovated, painted, etc., $500.  (Grand Forks Daily Herald, Saturday, September 12, 1885, Volume 7, Number 266, Page 1)

Central Hotel, corner 4th and Bruce avenue.  (Grand Forks City Directory 1889-90, Chas. Pettibone & Co., Publishers, Aberdeen, S. D.)

The Central Hotel, corner of Fourth street and Bruce avenue, is a very popular place for visitors in Grand Forks.  The popular proprietor, Mr. M. L. Adams, came to Grand Forks in 1880, and has been engaged in the hotel business here ever since.  He enjoys a wide acquaintance among the traveling public.  The Central is a very popular stopping place for farmers and others visiting the city.  While the rates are only $1.00 per day, the table is supplied with the best the market affords, and the house has recently been refitted throughout, is heated by hot air, and is equipped with gas and electric light and other modern conveniences.  There is a good stable in connection with the house.  (City of Grand Forks Illustrated, William L. Dudley, The Herald, Printers and Binders, Grand Forks, 1897, Page 64)


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