Dacotah Hotel 1 Groundbreaking

JUST WHAT IS NEEDED.  Grand Forks Capitalists Will Build a Huge Hotel.  Special to the Globe.  GRAND FORKS, Dak., July 20. – A syndicate has been formed here for the erection of a magnificent new hotel to cost $150,000.  Plans were drawn by Harry G. Carter, of St. Paul.  The site has been selected and purchased.  (The Saint Paul Daily Globe, Saturday Morning, July 21, 1888, Volume X, Number 203, Page 4)



Excavations for the Basement of the New Hotel Commenced This Afternoon.  The Syndicate Organized With Reliable and Prosperous Business Men for Officers.  The New Hotel.  The action of the council last night in granting the water privileges asked for the new $100,000 hotel gave fresh impetus to that enterprise.  This morning a meeting of the syndicate was held at which the following officers were elected:  President – A. S. Brooks, Vice President – M. L. McCormack, Secretary – G. A. Eastman, Treasurer – Geo. B. Clifford, Directors – F. C. Walker, J. S. Bartholomew, Wm. O’Mulcahy, A. S. Brooks, M. L. McCormack, Geo. A. Eastman and Geo. B. Clifford.

It was definitely decided to locate the hotel at the corner of Alpha and Third streets, on the river side.  Preparations were at once made to commence work.  The weeds were cut and potato patch destroyed.  At 1:30 o’clock this afternoon a large number of prominent citizens, including the mayor and aldermen, met at the proposed site to witness the inaugural ceremonies.

Mayor Griggs in a short speech referred to the great enterprise.  He said that from a personal and selfish standpoint he had been opposed to the building, but looking at the matter as a loyal citizen, anxious to see the best interests of the city advanced, he favored the project most heartily and wished for the hotel every success.  He hoped all good citizens would do whatever in their power they could to promote the success of the undertaking.  He then called on Miss Mollie McCormack, the little daughter of Secretary McCormack, to break the ground for the excavation.  Miss Mollie had a pretty little spade with which she took up some of the mother earth and deposited it in the wagon in waiting.

Members of the syndicate, the mayor, aldermen, editors of the HERALD and Plaindealer and other followed with the shovel, nearly filling the wagon.

Geo. B. Clifford was called on for a speech, but he declined, saying he had already done considerable talking in favor of the project, and the work would show the public the syndicate were in dead earnest.

Photographer Stone at this juncture succeeded in securing a proof of the work in progress and views will doubtless soon be cut.

The workmen continued filling wagons and the work of excavation for the basement goes merrily on.  The house on the corner will be moved as soon as a purchaser can be secured and the old Palmer house will be moved northward.  The citizens of Grand Forks have great reason for rejoicing that the work has been commenced.  The new hotel and other improvements will prove a great advertisement for the city during fair week when thousands of visitors will be here.  The members of the syndicate may feel sure that the opening day of the hotel will be greeted with enthusiasm.  (Grand Forks Daily Herald, Tuesday Evening, July 24, 1888, Volume 14, Number 71, Page 1)



Ground broken for a Hotel to Cost $100,000

Special to the Globe.  Grand Forks, Dak., July 24. – The greatest boom Grand Forks has sustained for many a day has been occasioned by a determination of a syndicate to erect the mammoth $100,000 hotel.  The syndicate is composed of representative men of the Northwest.  The directors are:  A. S. Brooks, M. L. McCormack, F. T. Walker, J. S. Bartholomew, William O’ Mulcahy, George. A. Eastman and George B. Clifford.  The president of the company is A. S. Brooks, who stands high in the estimation of the people for business ability and integrity; vice president, M. L. McCormack, the popular territorial secretary; treasurer, George B. Clifford; secretary, G. A. Eastman.  The city council granted water for hotel purposes at $25 a year for ten years.  This afternoon


at the side of the building, near the Northern Pacific depot.  Mayor Griggs made a speech, saying as a citizen looking to the best interests of the city he was glad to announce publicly that the hotel will be pushed rapidly to completion.  Miss Mollie McCormack, the little daughter of Territorial Secretary McCormack, then stepped forward, and with a miniature spade broke ground for the excavation of the basement.  The first wagon load of earth was then shoveled up by prominent citizens.  The building is to be five stories of solid brick with cut stone trimmings, bath rooms on every floor, heated by hot water, lighted by gas and every convenience throughout.  The office will be similar to the one in the hotel Ryan, St. Paul.  It certainly will be the finest hotel in Dakota.  The financial standing and sterling business ability of the members of the syndicate give the people great confidence in the success of the undertaking.  The building will be enclosed this fall, and carpenter work continued through the winter.  There is a glorious future for Grand Forks.  (The Saint Paul Daily Globe, Wednesday Morning, July 25, 1888, Volume X, Number 207, Page 8).

Hotel Dacotah, corner 3rd and Alpha avenue.  (Grand Forks City Directory 1889-90, Chas. Pettibone & Co., Publishers, Aberdeen, S. D.)

Viets May Succeed French.  Special to the Globe.  GRAND FORKS, N. D., Oct. 5. – It is understood here to-night that Frank Viets, one of the pioneers of Grand Forks, will assume the management of the new Hotel Dacotah next week.  Since the exit of Col. French, the first manager, the hotel company has been running the house.  Mr. Viets built, and for a number of years was proprietor of the Viets house, now the Richardson, in this city.  The only thing which stands in the way of the new deal is the transfer of the furniture from the manufacturers.  (The Saint Paul Daily Globe, Sunday Morning, October 6, 1889, Volume XI, Number 279, Page 1)


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