Gorden Hotel Opening

HOTEL GORDEN.  Grand Opening of the Hotel Gorden Tonight.  M. L. Gorden opens his magnificent new hotel to the public this evening with a grand ball and banquet.  Preparations have been thoroughly completed to make the evening thoroughly enjoyable and a grand, good time is assured.  The reception committee consists of Messrs. L. K. Hassell, Wm. Wolf, Geo. A. Knight, Inge A. Berg and Gunder Hoest.  The floor managers are P. W. Hennessy, O. Hexom and Col. Brown.  The following program will be rendered by Hall’s orchestra:  Overture…Home Circle, Medley Overture…Plantation Gems.  This overture is composed of Negro melodies so arranged as to be a pleasing change from the ordinary heavy overture.  Potpourri…Echoes of the Day.  This is a compilation of the most popular songs of the day among which are Alpine Roses, Honor Thy Father and Mother, Go to Sleep My Baby Girl, Ride on to Glory, Cricket on the Hearth, Mexican Serenade, Waltz Song from Manon, Waltz Gasperone, and the prettiest song of all with a trio finale.  Operatic Selection…  Contains march from Tanhauser and selections from Madame Angot and other French.  (Grand Forks Daily Herald, Monday Evening, December 30, 1889, Volume XV, Number 358, Page 4)



The Magnificent House Opened With Ball and Banquet.

The elegant apartments of the new Gorden were opened to the public last evening, and a grand ball and banquet given in honor of the occasion.  Mine Host Gorden was omnipresent, ably assisted by his efficient committees, all of whom contributed to the perfect entertainment and enjoyment of the guests.  Hall’s orchestra discoursed their choicest selections throughout the evening.  The banquet was an elegant and sumptuous affair, eliciting from the guests the most flattering compliments of the popular landlord.  The following is the menu: 


Oysters – Stewed, Scalloped, Raw.

Turkey with Cranberry Sauce, Roast Pork and Apple Sauce, Sirloin of Beet and French Peas, Boiled Ham and Boiled Potatoes, Boiled Tongue and Tomato Sauce, Boiled Spiced Roll, Chicken Salad, Saratoga Chips.

Celery, Lettuce, Charlotte of Plumbs, Pickled Onions, Sweet Pickles, Mixed Pickles, Hartford Sauce.

Cake – Jelly, Coconut, Chocolate, Lemon.  Fruits – Grapes, Oranges.  Tea, Coffee.

A scene of dazzling brilliancy was presented in the ball room where were gathered the beauty and chivalry of the city and brightly the lights shone over fair women and brave men.  A tasteful design in the pattern of a butterfly announced the appended.

Grand March and Sicilian Circle…Fete Champetre
Polka…Nichts fur Ungut
Schottische…I had $15 in My Inside Pocket
Waltz…Daughter of Love
Waltz…Dreams of the Past
Quadrille…Little Beauty
Newport…The Boston
Waltz Quadrille…Medley
Polka…Little Joker
Virginia Reel…Norton’s Favorite
Waltz…Home, Sweet Home

The guests present were:  Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Langord, A. Abrahamson, R. A. Sprague, H. Langord, W. J. Anderson, D. Sulzbach, L. H. Sannes, A. J. Rustad, Dan Stewart, O. Tharaldson, Geo. H. Walsh, Karl Nelson, W. R. Bierly, L. K. Hassell, Herman Wolff, P. W. Hennessy, O. Hexom, Art. Turner.  Also the following gentlemen accompanied by ladies:  Frank Hauson, W. R. Lasham, R. S. Knudson, H. Hendrickson, Ed. Lund, Dr. Herriman, Geo. A. Knight and Messrs. D. W. Luke, G. Pederson, John Thompson, Wm. O’Mulcahy, Tom Edison, Wm. Budge, O. H. Boyeson, Gunnar Host, J. K. Swan, C. C. Trepanier, A. Dinsmore, V. Chaffee, J. R. Taylor, B. O. Paulsness, J. P. Bray, F. Whitbeck, W. S. Russell, A. C. Mather, Wm. Wolff, Ingo Berg, W. H. Brown, F. V. Kent and N. P. Foss.

The grand occasion was an auspicious opening of the fine house, which is provided with every convenience and is elegantly equipped.  The HERALD congratulates the worthy landlord and predicts for him magnificent success.  (Grand Forks Daily Herald, Tuesday Evening, December 31, 1889, Volume XV, Number 359, Page 4)


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