Northwestern Hotel

Also known as:  Arlington Hotel and Park House

In November, 1873, the Hudson Bay company bought the store and saw mill (of Thomas Walsh and Alexander Griggs), erected another store on Third street, now occupied by Ed. C. Richmond as a furniture store, and in the following spring they erected the Northwestern Hotel opposite City hall.  (Grand Forks Daily Herald, Thursday, January 1, 1885, Volume 7, Number 51, Page 1)

The Northwestern Hotel is the oldest hotel in the city, the building having been erected for this purpose by the Hudson Bay Company, in 1874.  Mr. P. Carroll is the present proprietor, who takes a pride in keeping his house up to the highest standard of excellency.  (brochure on the history of Grand Forks, microfilm, personal collection, donated to Chester Fritz Library Department of Special Collections, Page 46)

Every guest of the Merchants has reason to remember with gratitude Mr. P. Carroll, who so long served as night clerk of that popular hostelry.  Mr. Carroll has changed his base, having taken possession of the Northwestern hotel, Grand Forks, D. T., which he will refit and refurnish.  As he is one of those rare individuals who “knows how to run a hotel,” it is fair to anticipate he will prosper in his new enterprise.  (The Saint Paul Daily Globe, Friday Morning, June 21, 1878, Volume I, Number 158, Page 4)

There are three good hotels here (Grand Forks) – the Northwestern, Mansard and Viets house.  The first is an especial favorite among the travelers, and is kept by P. Carroll, so long and well known as the night clerk of the Merchants hotel in St. Paul.  “Pete” has “struck it rich” in this country, and as every St. Paulite will fully recognize, is thoroughly deserving of his good fortune.  Every traveler who sojourns under his roof will echo this sentiment in all its length and breadth.  (The Saint Paul Daily Globe, Monday Morning, January 12, 1880, Volume III, Number 12, Page 2)

Peter Carroll has the frame up for a good sized addition to the Northwestern Hotel, fronting on Third street.  This will afford Mr. Carroll two good rooms on the ground floor and additional rooms on the upper floor, making the Northwestern one of the largest, as it is one of the best hotels in the Valley.  (Grand Forks Herald, Thursday, June 3, 1880, Volume I, Number 50, Page 1)

Northwestern Hotel, Peter Carroll, proprietor.  (Minnesota State Gazetteer and Business Directory including Dakota Territory, 1880-81, Volume II, R. L. Polk & Co. and A. C. Danser, Page 864)

Northwestern Hotel, corner Third street and DeMers avenue, P. Carroll, proprietor.  (Grand Forks Daily Herald, Sunday, January 8, 1882, Page 4)

NORTHWESTERN, W. C. Parker, 210 North Third.  (Grand Forks and North Dakota Manual for 1885, William L. Dudley, Plaindealer Book and Job Rooms, 1885, Page 118)

Additional Hotel Facilities.  The improvements on the old Northwestern hotel and being pushed rapidly to completion.  A third story has been added and the basement is being fixed up in first class shape.  The building will be plastered and painted throughout and when finished will offer facilities equal to any hotel in the city.  It will be lighted by gas.  Connection has been made with the sewer and water works, thus giving the best accommodations.  Such a house as this will prove, when completed, a great addition to the hotel accommodations of the city.  It is centrally located, being midway between the N. P. depot and the new hotel about to be erected.  The owners of the hotel, Messrs. R. Bennett, Wm. O’Mulcahy and Thos. Hennessy, deserve credit for giving Grand Forks another first class house.  When completed the hotel will be leased to a competent man on reasonable terms.  The building will be ready for occupancy by the first of September so that who ever secures the house will have the benefit of the fall trade and of fair week.  Persons desiring a location can gain all desired information by addressing the owners at Grand Forks.  (Grand Forks Daily Herald, Wednesday Evening, July 25, 1888, Volume 14, Number 72, Page 1)

HOTEL FACILITIES.  An Additional Story Added to the Old Northwestern at Grand Forks.  Special to the Globe.  Grand Forks, Dak., July 25. – A third story has been added to the old Northwestern hotel, and it will now be among the first-class hotels of Dakota.  The improvements will be completed in time for the fair, in September.  Grand Forks needs all the hotel facilities she can command.  Whoever secures the Northwestern will have a bonanza, as it is centrally located between the railroad depot and the new hotel to be erected.  (The Saint Paul Daily Globe, Thursday Morning, July 26, 1888, Volume 14, Number 73 Page 4)

Page 64
The first hotel in Grand Forks worthy of the name was the Northwestern, a large building erected by the Hudson Bay Company in 1872.  This house is now the Arlington, presided over by Col. A. Knudson, and yet it is scarcely the same house, for it has been moved to a new location, another story added, and many improvements made under the regime of the present proprietor.  Col. Knudson, by the way, has the honor of being the oldest hotel man in the state.  After serving the country in the war of the rebellion, he engaged in the hotel business in La Crosse, Wis., and later went to Faribault, Minn., and in 1882

Page 65
he came to Grand Forks, and has been “keeping hotel” in this city ever since, ably assisted by Mrs. Knudson who has few superiors as a landlady.  The Arlington enjoys a very large patronage, and the colonel and his lady are among the busiest people in town.  The hotel is only one block from the Northern Pacific depot, and convenient to the business part of the city.  (City of Grand Forks Illustrated, William L. Dudley, The Herald, Printers and Binders, Grand Forks, 1897)

The old Northwestern was removed to the East Side of North Third street, on the corner of International avenue; remodeled, and now known as the Arlington house, and is kept by Col. Knudson.  (Grand Forks Daily Herald, Sunday Morning, December 19, 1897, Volume 17, Number 43, Page 9)


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