Palace Hotel

Also known as:  Columbia Hotel

The Palace Hotel, opposite the Great Northern depot is the latest addition to the hostelries of Grand Forks.  The Palace is an elegant and commodious three story building with brick finish, erected during the present season by A. D. Skinner, who is also the proprietor.  The house is a model of convenience, and the rooms large, well lighted and furnished.  The hotel is a favorite stopping place of the railroad men, and also enjoys a very large city patronage.  The cuisine is superb, and Mr. Skinner gives his entire attention to looking after the different departments of the house.  A feature of the Palace is a restaurant which is open all night for the convenience of guests.  (City of Grand Forks Illustrated, William L. Dudley, The Herald, Printers and Binders, Grand Forks, 1897, Page 64)


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