Prescott Hotel

Also known as:  Antlers Hotel and Frederick Hotel



Good House, Good Service – European or American Plans.

The neatest and most homelike hotel in the city is the Prescott, whose proprietor, Wm. Prescott, started in the hotel and restaurant business in Grand Forks seven years ago.

After moving into more commodious quarters several times he transferred his business to his present building, corner of Third street and Alpha avenue in January, 1898.  The present Hotel Prescott is a three story building, with a frontage of 50 feet on Third street, and with the exception of the ground floor, is entirely occupied by Mr. Prescott.  On the second floor are large parlors, and the remainder of the two upper stories is devoted to guest rooms, of which there are 33, and which are so arranged that they may be rented singly or en suite.

The lower floor is used entirely for cafe purposes.  In addition to the large dining hall are a number of booths which can be used for large or small parties.  The entire building is well finished and handsomely furnished.  It has been supplied with a heating plant of the latest design, and the plumbing arrangements are as good as first class material and skilled workmanship can make them.

The table service is unsurpassed and Mr. Prescott’s reputation as a caterer has made his hotel a favorite place for evening dinner parties and gatherings of a like nature.  Only the most skillful assistants are employed, and only the best goods obtainable are furnished to the patrons.

The hotel is the only one in the city conducted on the European plan, guests being given the option of this or the usual American plan.  (Grand Forks Herald, Tuesday Morning, June 27, 1899, Volume 18, Number 205, Page 14)

Grand Forks – The Prescott Hotel has changed ownership.  The entire furnishings of the three-story building, including the café, have been purchased by T. O. Edwards, of Larimore, who made his son-in-law, Frank Shelburne, a present of the entire outfit.  (The Minneapolis Journal, Friday Evening, April 26, 1901, Page 20)

William Prescott, the well known hotel man of Grand Forks, now manages one of the popular houses of Fargo, fully equipped with all modern conveniences.  His house is known as the Prescott, and adjoins the Waldorf.  He has also just taken charge of the Antlers at Grand Forks and changed its name to the Prescott, which will also be maintained at a correct standard.  (The Saint Paul Globe, Monday, November 23, 1903, Page 3)


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