Viets House

Also known as:  Richardson House

Viets House, Wilder B. Dow, Proprietor.  (Minnesota State Gazetteer and Business Directory including Dakota Territory, 1880-81, Volume II, R. L. Polk & Co. and A. C. Danser, Page 864)

The Viets House.  This is another first-class hotel, kept by Mr. W. B. Dow.  He sets an excellent table, and has comfortable bed-rooms and large sample-rooms for commercial travelers.  Mr. Dow can accommodate about 75 guests.  (brochure on the history of Grand Forks, microfilm, author’s collection, donated to Chester Fritz Library Department of Special Collections, Page 46)

Viets House, Third street, W. B. Dow, Proprietor.  (Grand Forks Daily Herald, Sunday, January 8, 1882, Page 4)

Viets House Sold.  Yesterday afternoon the Viets House was sold by Albert D. Lyke, of this city, to Charles L. Wehe, late of Chicago.  The consideration was $16,000.  Mr. Wehe since his return from Chicago has been looking for a good bargain in real estate, and having hit upon it, closed with Mr. Lyke in short order.  The property is situated on Third street, and Division avenue, having a river frontage of 150 feet.  It is one of the most eligible site for a popular hotel, that could be selected, presenting a view of the whole business portion of Third street, having a picturesque river prospect and being contiguous to the business centre.  The hotel was built by Frank Viets in the spring of 1878.  It was run by Mr. Viets some time, when Wild. Dow took the hotel and ran it until it was sold to Mr. Lyke last March.  He took possession in May, and a short time later it was sold to W. H. Davy, of Moorhead, who, however, did not finally take it.  It has since been under the efficient management of Messrs. Lyke and Finn.  It is understood that the latter now holds a lease on the premises and will probably continue as landlord for some time.  (Grand Forks Daily Herald, Sunday Morning, October 1, 1882, Volume 1, Number 286, Page 1)

Viets House, Third street, store room and other improvements, $300.  (Grand Forks Daily Herald, Saturday, June 24, 1882, Page 1)

Mrs. Frank Viets, of Ashtabula, O., is visiting her brothers, J. E. and W. B. Dow.  (The Saint Paul Daily Globe, Saturday Morning, November 26, 1887, Volume IX, Number 330, Page 11)

Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Cooper, of Meckinock, are guests of Mrs. W. B. Dow.  (The Saint Paul Daily Globe, Saturday Morning, September 22, 1888, Volume X, Number 266, Page 11)

Frank Viets, of Ashtabula, is a guest of Mrs. W. B. Dow.  (The Saint Paul Daily Globe, Saturday Morning, January 26, 1889, Volume XI, Number 26, Page 11)

Viets afterwards built the Viets house, now known as the Richardson house.  (Grand Forks Daily Herald, Sunday Morning, December 19, 1897, Volume 17, Number 43, Page 9)


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